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Shadow priests can choose any profession they like, but there are some that make sense considering the nature of the class. By default, you’ll need several potions and flasks to help empower your character. Additionally, mana potions are often actually a part of a shadow priest’s rotation considering their mana issues. This makes alchemy a natural choice, but there are a few others that will also help you out.

It is always worth ranking up any spells learned through talents or racials. Also, if there is some extra gold left in the ol’ coinpurse, consider buying Resurrection, Renew, Prayer of Healing, Fade, and Flash Heal. These spells are useful while healing dungeons, and worth the money if one chooses to do so. However, don’t break the bank for these spells. It is quite possible to get by without them, and a mount is worth more than a wider variety of healing spells.
Swim Speed Potions (used especially at lvl 37 for Faldir's Cove in Arathi Highlands and lvl 57 in WPL).  Try to get multiple stacks of these.  I also recommend keeping a stack of these always in your bags.  You will frequently pass rivers and lakes and can use these potions to pass them faster through out the guide.  Please note that these potions do not stack with Druid's Aquatic Form and Glyph of Aquatic Form.
When that ass is firmly planted in the saddle of a sexy steed, feel free to spend as much money as desired. A lot of people suggest (and complain about) saving 1000 gold to buy an epic mount and the training necessary to use it. Don’t bother. The whole point of a mount is improving efficiency. Leveling from 40 to 60 with a mount is much faster than without, but in order to use an epic mount, one has to be level 60 anyway, and at that point, there is no need to be efficient. Raid bosses won’t die faster if you have your epic mount. They will die faster if the damage dealers aren’t dying because the priest could afford decent BoE gear at level 60.
Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Druid Guide everything you need to know to play the Druid Class. We have Race Base Stats and how your Primary Stats affect your character. We also have the Best Race, Weapons, Profession and Talent Specs to use. For good mesure, we included images to help show the locations of every Druid trainer within Major/Captial Cities in WoW Classic.
Enchanting – Another fantastic choice is enchanting. A big part of optimization is enchants that add powerful passive bonuses. These too can get fairly expensive, but you can drastically reduce that cost by picking the skill up yourself. If you’ve selected tailoring, enchanting is a great pairing because they both don’t require a dedicated gathering profession to supply it.
The shadow spec Best Gear Stats for Shadow Priest Builds in WoW Classic patch 1.12 is little more focused on damage similar to a warlock mostly of the DOT shadow damage. Primary Stats These are the best stats for maximizing your shadow damage for the Shadow Talent Build, while Secondary Stats These are some quality of life stats that will help with some extra healing and having enough mana to do damage and off-heal, and then we have Other Stats these are last option and most likely you will not choose these but if u have to then so be it.
1 Sulfuron Ingot - (dropped by Golemagg in MC) to trade to Lokhtos Darkbargainer in the Grim Guzzler in the Blackrock Depths, who will then give you the plans for the weapon 8 Sulfuron Ingot 50 Arcanite Bar - the most  difficult part of the whole thing, aside from the Eye and potentially the Ingots (if you're soloing). You'll not only need 50 Thorium Bars and 50 Arcane Crystals (which drop from Rich Thorium Veins at a 2-3% rate) but also 50 transmutes from alchemists, which are on a 2 day cooldown 10 Blood of the Mountain - drops from Dark Iron Veins or from Molten Giants/Destroyers in MC 20 Dark Iron Bar aka 160 Dark Iron Ore - requiring a blacksmith who can smelt the ore, which is a separate quest to unlock, and the ore can only be smelted at the Black Forge in BRD, near the entrance to MC 10 Lava Core - drop from most mobs in MC 10 Fiery Core - drop from most mobs in MC 25 Essence of Fire - an easy one, drops from various Elementals or can be transmuted, but usually isn't that expensive on the AH Now all that's left to craft Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros is:

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