The weapon is usable by Druids, Paladins, Shamans and Warriors, and while it's probably the best weapon for Enhancement Shamans and Retribution Paladins, those specs weren't really popular or very viable back in the day, so Warriors were the primary wielders. Before going into the arduous journey you needed to go on to acquire this, we need to mention Sulfuras definitely was one of the most powerful weapons throughout all of Vanilla, but there have been many discussions about whether it was ever really the very best for any class. 

In-Game Addon Version of My Leveling Guides:  As of June 6th the In-Game Addon version of my leveling guides has began construction!  It will be a long road before it's finished completely, so I cannot guarantee how much of it will be ready for Classic Launch but there is a decent chance that some starting zones will be complete for it by then.  It will be full of features, including:  waypoint arrows, automatic updating, and much more.  More features will be available for it overtime too.
Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros is possibly the most famous item in all of WoW. One of only two legendary items introduced with the base game, its power may not have lived up to its legend, but the effort you had to put in to get it most certainly did. Today we'll be taking a look at the weapon and how good it was in patch 1.12, how to get it, and we'll throw in an extra story related to it from Vanilla.
That was the only 5 minutes I was ever outside of Nihilum since I joined it, and to be completely honest with you, I can't even remember what happened with that god damned belt. I think I ended up taking it either for free or for a highly discounted price, but it's the drama that stuck with me and not the actual DKP or belt. And in closing, as you might expect, I didn't ever get the Sulfuras or the Eye, as it simply didn't drop while I was ahead on points. I did, however, grind a whole lot of Rich Thorium Veins in preparation for both it and Thunderfury, for which I actually had the left binding - and also never got. 

While you get Cat Form at 20, there will be many instances in this level bracket where it’s preferable to sit in Bear Form. One reason is that you don’t have an efficient finisher for your combo points in Cat Form at this stage and you don’t even get Shred until 22. Secondly, you are penalized more swapping from Caster to Cat than from Caster to Bear as you start with potentially 0 energy, since Furor won’t be 5/5 till 27.
While it is possible to play perfectly with the default UI, there are many critical things missing that will make your life more difficult. This is where addons can be extremely useful. There are a vast number of addons, including more comprehensive UI packages, but below we have listed some of the basic addons that are highly recommended as a Hunter.