The second issue is distinguishing the difference between DPS (damage per second) and DPM (damage per mana). While leveling, one wants to be efficient, which most people interpret as “kill stuff as fast as possible.” What being efficient actually means is earning as much experience per hour as possible. Priests can kill things really fast, but if one spends twenty seconds drinking after every kill or two, one is not being very efficient.

We have a large post over on the WoW Classic beta forums where Blizzard are addressing all the outstanding issues with Hunters. We have a huge amount of problems listed below, from the now expected "not a bug" things players report that are actually working as intended, to bugs that have already been fixed or will be very soon, and actual bugs that aren't fixed yet but are on the known issues list.
Focusing on 1.12, the Classic patch, however, its only real competition (for Warriors, anyway) will be the ubiquitous Arcanite Reaper for PvP and Bonereaver's Edge for PvE. Due to various factors, including mace spec being pretty bad, the general consensus seems to be that Sulfuras might barely beat out AR for PvP purposes, while Bonereaver claims the top PvE weapon crown. Again, these are all very close and Sulfuras was considered a top weapon all throughout Vanilla, with Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood, Dark Edge of Insanity and Might of Menethil eventually surpassing it, but not by much.
Crocolisk pets cause noticeable server lag when summoned Beast lore does not display the targeted creatures armor in the tooltip Feign death does not immediately drop the Hunter from combat in a Battleground Feign Death does not cause the Hunter’s health and mana bar to zero out as if the Hunter was dead Feign Death does not kill the hunter if they stay feigned the entire duration Hunters are performing a WalkBackwards animation while strafing left during Auto Shot Hunters have the ability to tame pets 2 levels higher than the Hunter’s level Hunter Pets do not auto-cast Dash or Dive when engaging their target The Bonus Armor from Thick Hide is dropping off of Hunter pets shortly after talenting into it Sending Hunter pets into combat with a special ability such as Bite does not also trigger your pet to begin attacking Multiple instances of Hunter’s Mark can be applied to a target Hunters are unable to cancel the animation associated with placing a trap by moving Explosive Trap and Frost Trap place the hunter into combat each time they apply their associated effects or deal damage Enemies will ignore collision when in combat with a player Note: This isn’t hunter specific and was a global issue. This did affect Hunter pets so we listed it here Pets do not display a “ding” visual when leveling up Activating a Night Elf Hunter’s Shadowmeld racial ability at the same time that the Eyes of the Beast cast completes will give the player control over pet movement without snapping to the Pet’s point of view Ranged attacks cannot be blocked Training pets may cause your client to become unresponsive The spell animation for flare is significantly different than the animation used in 1.12 Please note that this list is not comprehensive. There have been many other issues that affect hunters that have been fixed recently, and we are still hard at work fixing other bugs.
On top of that, you’ll also need a “rotation” to keep up with mana regeneration. You’ll generally want to use a Major Mana Potion after you’ve used enough mana to fully benefit from one. If you have enough health and raid damage is low, you can also use a Demonic Rune. If both of those are on cooldown, you’ll want to stop using Mind Blast in your rotation, and instead just cast Mind Flay when you have enough mana to keep Shadow Weaving applied. If you’re really lucky, a druid might Innervate you (don’t count on it).
 ":"  -  Any time a step ends in a ":" instead of a "." means that the next step is part of the current step you are on.  This generally means the next step should be done while working on the current step.  This means every "start working on" or "continue working on" will end in a ":".  But this is used with other occasions as well, so keep this in mind.
This part I very vividly remember - there I was, standing in Molten Core, in a raid group and without a guild, not knowing what was going on or what the hell just happened. I was pretty shocked at the time, but I was also insanely angry, so the shock had to take a back seat. As I was kicked I wasn't privvy to the guild chat happening at the time so it was pretty stressful - do I leave the group and just go on my way forever? In the end, it was another officer, Rogue and all around good guy Jihan that managed to calm things down and so I was invited back and we continued discussing the issue. 

Druids get 2 majors buffs while leveling. First at level 10, Druids unlock Bear form via a quest. Bear form allows the Druid to gain sustainability while killing enemies faster. At level 20, druids get Cat form, also through a quest, giving them access to the Improved Cat Form talent: the ability to run 30% faster when outdoors. Combined with the stealth of the cat form, those abilities give the druid advantages that no other classes match.
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