I will be Speed Leveling for Classic Launch!  Yes I will be devoting 100% of my time for the first week of Classic launch to do a speedrun from 1-60 and my goal is to beat my personal best time of 4 days 20 hours.  You can watch this live on my Twitch Channel, so be sure to give it a Follow!  This also means I will be unavailable to do email support for my leveling guides on the first week of Classic launch.  So I highly recommend if you plan to use my guides to get members access prior to Classic launch to make sure you can login with no issues.
Aux delivers a more advanced UI for the auction house. At times you want to buy a lot of materials and you want to buy for the lowest price possible. Aux let you list an item ordered by the price per item. Another neat function is that Aux can post multiple stack for you on the auction house. If you use the default action UI you have to post each stack manually.